Back in Black, the Jawa Blak 42 by Bombay Custom works.



The word Jawa strikes a chord with bikers, taking them to the yesteryears of the biking community. An era where bikes were at the epitome of their simplicity. A time which carries a lot of significance which lead to the development of motorcycles in the Indian market. When Mahindra decided to revive the Jawa brand, it meant bringing the legend back, and the decision was widely appreciated by the biking community.

Jawa has been a canvas for personalization for many riders. Some customized the bike into a cafe racer, some into a brat and even to scramblers. A few of the owners even customized in order to do a trip across continents. This had gone a long way to prove the reliability of the bikes.

Design & Process:

When Bombay Custom works commenced the work on the Jawa 42, they wanted a low slung sleek cafe racer. Thus the customizations were minimalistic. The team started from the front side. The team replaced the handlebar with a drop down clip on handlebars. The front fender was also chopped in size.

The highlight of the design is the seat. The single seat was replaced by 2 step seats. The rear seat being covered with a cowl. The design of the seat has been kept very sleek and thin. The rear fender has been discarded completely. Thus the rear stop light and the turn indicators have been integrated into the frame of the bike. This makes the bike look absolutely stunning.

The bike gets an all black treatment. The body parts being covered in gloss black and the engine, exhaust being coated with matte black color for more appeal.


Bombay Custom Works have been winning accolades for their clean and mean works that they have managed to churn out over the past couple of years. The Jawa Blak is no exception and is nothing short of remarkable

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