The Bomber A Unique Custom Motorcycle


Custom motorcycles open up a world of endless possibilities, where imagination and expertise come together to create a masterpiece of speed and style. Eimor Customs has truly outdone themselves with their exceptional creation, the Bomber, based on the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650.

Vision & Design

This remarkable motorcycle pays homage to the original design while adding its own unique touch of transformation. The modifications made to the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 are subtle yet impactful, showcasing a deep appreciation for the original design while striving for improvement.

The Bomber’s striking bluish-dark silver and black colour scheme demands attention and turns heads wherever it goes.

Notable modifications include the addition of a bikini fairing at the front. The new exhausts enhance the bike’s aesthetics and give it a sleek, classic cafe racer motorcycle look.

They also boost performance and contribute to the bike’s unique character. The engine’s roar is music to the ears of any motorcycle enthusiast, adding an extra thrill to every ride.

The LED headlight and dome improve safety and enjoyment during night rides. These modern additions improve visibility and add contemporary style to the bike’s design.

By removing the fender, the Bomber achieves a cleaner, more minimalist look, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

The beautifully crafted seat adds to the bike’s visual appeal and ensures a comfortable ride. The Bomber makes Travel pleasurable and stylish, which offers both style and comfort in equal measure.


In summary, the Bomber is a testament to the art of custom motorcycles. It beautifully preserves the soul of the original Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 while adding its unique touch through subtle enhancements. Eimor Customs has truly outdone themselves with this masterpiece, showcasing its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative spirit. Prepare yourself, as this updated powerhouse is poised to dominate the streets with its irresistible appeal.

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