The Custom Made Electric Motorcycle of Your Dreams by Mafia Motorcycles


Project name – Mark 1
Base Bike – Made from scratch

Electric vehicles have come a long way in India. Considering the steep prices of fuel in our nation, many have opted for electric vehicles and scooters in the country, and the demand is bound to increase in the coming years.

Considering this demand, Mafia Motorcycles has produced an in-house Electric motorcycle, completely from scratch. Named as the prototype mark – 1 has a range of 80 kilometers. Powered by a 2000w motor, the bike can reach 70 kilometers per hour of top speed. Powering the bike is a 2.2 kWh battery (72v 30ah).

This prototype was an experiment to test the capabilities of the bike and the team.

The team at Mafia Motorcycles is working on a production-level motorcycle, which will be a cafe racer. Powering the bike will be a 3000w motor having a range of more than 120 kilometers. The tentative price of the motorcycle will be around 80 thousand. The motorcycle will have a complete metal body as against a plastic/fiber body thus making it far more durable than the plastic body electric vehicles available on the market.

Mafia Motorcycles will open the bookings soon for this model.

By developing this prototype, Mafia Motorcycles aims to be the next step in the Motorcycle revolution. Their aim is to combine the best aspects of a traditional motorcycle with today’s technology. They are working to make the most sustainable and rugged electric motorcycle in the country

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