Pulsar 220f Turns Into the Cafe Racer By Kunwar Customs


We’ve seen Kunwar Customs turn a Pulsar 200 NS into a Cafe Racer before, and this time we have another Cafe Racer based on a different Pulsar bike, the Legendary Pulsar 220f, which is famous for bringing small capacity sports bikes culture to India. Kuku Racer is the name given to Kunwar Customs’ all-new Cafe Racer build.

As we’ve seen in the past this build is too hand-crafted by the Kunwar Custom, This Cafe Racer’s main purpose is more functionality which includes giving the rider pure riding experience and pleasure that’s why the weight of the bike has been kept low and they’ve kept only required elements on the bike and gave it a minimalistic look, which can make room for only one rider.

The name of the bike means “rapid and speedy,” and it lives up to its name. The typical full-frame on the 220f is replaced with a single mid-suspension frame that supports a solo rider seat with the hump to make the bike more nimble and speedy.

The bike appears to be a true classic Cafe Racer, with a modified fuel tank and vintage-styled fuel cap, as well as some leather and steelwork on the fuel tank to give it a vintage vibe. The fuel tank is painted pearl white and features Kuku Racer badging on both sides.

The Customizer has kept the bike in very raw form to give it the traditional Cafe Racer look so it doesn’t get a fender or side panels.

A round headlight with a protective grill has been integrated into the handlebar, and the front indicators have been integrated into the handlebar. The traditional analog and digital meter have been replaced with a small and circular digital meter that shows the rider all the necessary details and functions. A leather grip has been added to the handlebar to make the riding more comfortable.

The bike’s rear end is simple, with a side-mounted number plate on the chain sprocket and rear indicators and taillight integrated into the frame section. The bike also has a unique hand silencer that fits under the engine’s belly and sounds like a heavy monster. The rider can store some essentials in the bags on both sides of the bike, but the main reason for their presence is to cover battery fittings. The Kuku Racer is equipped with a Dual-Purpose tyre in the back and front, as well as custom-made rims with spokes that give the bike a more rebellious appearance.

Kunwar Customs has managed to give this Cafe Racer a monster aspect while keeping it swift and nimble with their superb workmanship and engineering, as seen in previous builds. Kunwar Customs does all of this while maintaining the bike’s basic appearance.

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