Aghori – A Custom Jawa Perak by Onkarpreet Singh Saggu


This time, we have The Jawa Perak, a Bobber renowned for its striking minimalist design. A unit of Modbikes from Delhi’s Onkarpreet Singh Saggu has added additional tasteful characteristics to this slick-looking bobber, which will undoubtedly catch your attention whenever you see one.

The Aghori is made up of numerous customized components as well as some stock Perak parts that have been tweaked as necessary. The first thing that catches your eye is the wheels; they unquestionably remind you of a Harley-Davidson Fatboy, as they should, as Onkarpreet has added a set of new Fatboy rims along with larger and wider tires—a 140/70 in the front and a 240/40 in the back—as well as some modifications to the stock swingarm and triple clamp in the front—to fit them both. The front forks are also original, although they have sparkling chrome tops on them.

The entire bike is repainted in a matte-black color scheme, and the custom-built additionally receives a handmade front and rear mudguard and a personalized headlamp. Additionally, a unique exhaust is used for optimum rhythm. A handmade leather seat has been installed in its place, and the position of the taillight has been moved from underneath the seat to the side-mounted registration plate. Aghori uses only LED lighting, even the brand-new unique indicators.

The radiator grille and a special 25mm thick ape handlebar with all the increased cables and wiring for the brake lines as well as a custom-made handlebar holder are other unique components used on the Aghori. Leather belts have been added to the circular tool boxes on both sides as well as for the handlebar grips.

The stock parts in the bike include the brakes and the speedo-meter which is shifted to the left side of the bike.

Of course, the Jawa Perak already has its own style that causes some people to look twice, but after getting the Aghori Avatar done, the majority of people will turn their heads—and that too not twice but three times! That is our verdict for the Aghori. Onkarpreet has undoubtedly given the design more attention, and it will fascinate all bobber lovers like us in the clan.

Please do check out Onkarpreet’s other custom project; he’s done some amazing work. As always, please let us know what you think about Aghori in the comment section.

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