Hand-Picked Bobber Bolt-on Kits for your Royal Enfield


As implied by the title, we will present the best and most affordable kits for your beloved Royal Enfield that will transform it into a modern bobber without welding or cutting to the bike’s main frame.

You can read more about any of the kits we’re going to suggest by clicking on their names because we’ve already reviewed all of them.

Ironwill by Ornithoper designs

You are presented Ironwill, a Royal Enfield 500 that has been modified into a Bobber by the Nashik-based custom motorcycle builder Ornithoper Designs. The primary goal of the Ornithoper Design team was to build a bobber without changing the bike’s chassis, which they succeeded by making just the most minimal adjustments to the Royal Enfield 500.

Price of the accessories used for Ironwill:

  • Front fork t-plate set with risers – ₹ 6,500/-
  • Front fork covers – ₹ 4,500/-
  • Handlebar custom – ₹ 2,000/-
  • Seat – ₹ 3,500/-
  • Fender set – ₹ 7,000/-
  • Bobber taillamp kit – ₹ 2,500/-
  • Tires as per make and size.

Budget Bobber Build for a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500

The following kit not only involves little modification to the bike but also promises to be a cost-effective build. Rahul Custom Motorcycles had a limited budget to work with when converting this Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 into a Bobber, and we must admit that with the ₹ 35,000/- allotted budget, Rahul Custom Motorcycles did an excellent job.

Accessories Used in this Build:

  1. Custom Headlamp
  2. Custom Front indicators
  3. Custom Rear indicators
  4. Custom front mudguard
  5. Custom rear mudguard
  6. Custom numberplate
  7. Custom Exhaust
  8. Custom Chopped rear end.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Bobber by Puranam Designs

The last proposal for the bobber kit isn’t quite a kit but nonetheless does the job admirably. With just a few minor modifications to the bike’s parts—some of which are custom-made, some of which were taken from Royal Enfield brethren, and the rest of which naturally remain stock—Puranam Designs from Delhi was able to transform this Classic 350 into a bulky-looking bobber.

Accessories Used in this Build:

  1. Custom-made front-rim.
  2. Custom Handlebar.
  3. Custom T-Assembly.
  4. CNC cut-made rear-view mirrors.
  5. Royal Enfield Thunderbird Headlight.
  6. Aftermarket Exhaust.
  7. Custom ribbed pattern seat with a leather bag.

This concludes our list of recommended bobber kits. We are aware that there are many more kits that might be on this list; if you agree, let us know and we will undoubtedly include them and write a fascinating review for you.

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