About Us

We are a team of young, dynamic and enthusiastic with a mission to provide a Platform for bike builders/ Modifiers/ Customisers from all over India. Our vision is to help them display their profiles, strengths, and talents, and open a world of opportunities to all.

Mad About Custom started purely out of a passion to recognize & showcase Indian Custom scenario, which, till date is completely unventured and has a plethora of opportunities. There is a genuine lack of awareness about 2 wheeler customizations that take place around our country. And the ones aware have hard times finding good professionals to get their work done.

Our Team

Prasad Pawar


Prasad has always been an Auto enthusiast since his childhood. As a kid, he would ogle at photographs of cars and bikes, be it magazines, or be it the newspapers. As a kid, he would put up posters of vehicles in his bedroom. This enthusiasm continued into his life as he grew up.

Now an entrepreneur, he runs his own company in the field of digital marketing and social media training by the name Beyond Pixels. While browsing online through the Indian customization scenario, he found that in India we have very talented bike customizers and a lot of potential that is untapped and unexplored, a completely untouched territory. But there was a peculiar thing that he noticed. It was extremely difficult to find more information on them, and the lack of a platform for the customizers.

This thought was one of the catalysts for Mad About Custom to be born.

Anurag Bhandare


Anurag got bitten by the biking bug at a relatively young age. The rush that he felt while riding on the tank of his dad’s Ind Suzuki back in the ’90s had sealed the deal for him and since then two wheels with engines have been his weakness. His first ride was a beaten up Rx -135 on which he learned to ride.

Now an Architect by profession, he finds himself riding around town for work, and often also around the country with his wife for leisure tours. He has also done multiple tours, one of them being from Mumbai to Bhutan and back on his motorcycle. It was during this tour he realized the need to customize his bike and make it touring friendly. This, in turn, lead to a realization that there are a plethora of customizers around the country, who provide exceptional quality of work but are also in dire need of exposure to the outside world.