TVS buys one of the most iconic motorcycle company in the world – Norton Motorcycles.


In the middle of the global pandemic that we are facing, came a piece of exciting news for motorcycle aficionados in India. News that will make headlines in all the media in India and abroad. Ladies and Gentlemen, Norton Motorcycles company, the legendary Motorcycle manufacturing company was bought in an all-out deal by none other than our very own TVS Motor Company, India for 153.2 Crores INR!!!.

    Norton has been one of the most iconic companies in Britain, and its history dates back to over 122 Years. Founded in 1898, Norton is celebrated across the globe for its exemplary models like the Dominator. Though the tale of Norton motorcycles has been an agonizing one, they held numerous records including speed records which date before and around the world war era, even participating in the very much acclaimed Isle of Mann TT races.

Norton Dominator

Since then, Norton has seen many ups and downs and changes of owners. It was in 2008, the company was bought by an entrepreneur named Stuart Garner, the company found a stable platform. It was then that the company revived the commando series. Still later down the line, diminishing cashflows, Brexit cause the company to shrink over time.


    Even today their motorcycles hold a niche market, not just in Britain, but also around the globe. Norton still holds a variety of models in its portfolio, which range from a 1200 cc V4 RR to a 961cc Parallel-twin commando cafe racer series, the 650cc Atlas Ranger and even a Superlight SS, a bike with a supercharger!

Norton Atlas

    No doubt that the name Norton holds an important place in the history of the Motorcycling scenario. The company still has a vast portfolio of bikes and which are quite technologically advanced too, and not to mention the experience and the lineage it carries. 

Norton Superlight SS

Since India now is considered one of the most growing automotive markets around the globe, it will be quite interesting to see, how this acquisition helps TVS Motors to perform in the Indian market and it remains to be seen how this acquisition will help TVS to reach out globally.

Also, would we get to see the Norton Motorcycles on plying around on Indian roads? Its too early to jump the guns, but down the line, the possibility cannot be denied..!

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