Adventure kit for the Royal Enfield Himalayan by Auto Engina


Launched in 2015, the Royal Enfield Himalayan has been a favorite for anyone who wants to enjoy going on the off-beaten path. The long-travel suspension, big front wheel make sure that the bike will go beyond where the regular bikes fail to go. Due to this, since its launch, the bike has been a fan favorite for years and has been one of their best sellers since its inception.

As we all know that going offroad is not only challenging for the biker, but also for the bike. Traveling the path less taken often leads you into very tricky situations. Also carrying luggage means you need to pack your bags and mount them very precisely to help manage the weights while making sure you carry all of your stuff around. There may even be instances where the bike may tip over. Auto Engina has devised a perfect solution for such cases.

The Adv add-on kit by Auto Engina has been specifically made for the Royal Enfield Himalayan. (Read more about other kits here. Bobber. Scrambler. Full fairing for 650 twins.)

The kit includes the following:

Crash guards:
Built with precision, keeping in mind that the bike would be traveling offroad. Made with heavy-duty material to take the blows of a fall.

Lights Mount:
Fog Lights are an essential piece of equipment when it comes to touring and off-roading. The designers have cleverly made mounts to go in line with the Mudguard level. This allows for a very equal throw.

Radiator cover:
The Himalayan has an air-cooled engine with a radiator for oil cooling. Auto Engina has designed the cover for the same, in a way where the grill doesn’t restrict the airflow, and also covers the radiator from any flying debris.

Headlight Grill:
(not compatible for 2021 Himalayan)
The headlight is one of the most vulnerable parts of the bike. The part is majorly exposed to flying debris, mud, and various weather elements. The designers have not only managed to cover the headlight, but also made it aesthetically pleasing.

Luggage is the most important aspect when traveling on a motorcycle. Auto Engina has designed 36 liters side Cases and top case, completely made of aluminum, with a quick-release mechanism. The top case is fixed on a completely custom-made SS base plate, and SS attachments. The design has been made theft-proof, water-resistant and big enough to accommodate 1 modular full-face helmet

The Royal Enfield Himalayan was always the go-to bike for people who preferred offroad adventure and touring. The folks at Auto Engina have managed to add their touch to the bike and made it even better. The cost is as follows:

Crash Guard – 4999/-
Radiator guard – 1500/-
Fog lamp clamp – 1200
Master cylinder guard
– 700/-
Headlight grill – 1700/-
Top Box – 15000/-
Panniers – 25000/-

Adventure Kit – 43k

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