Turn your Royal Enfield into a Scrambler in 30 minutes without Cutting & Welding


What if we said that you could transform your Royal Enfield, into a scrambler within 30 minutes and also that this can be done with basic knowledge

Bolt-On Designs, Chennai, has designed a scrambler kit for the Royal Enfield Classic 350, Classic 500, Electra, Thunderbird and Standard UCE models which requires no addition or deletion to the chassis. The beauty of the kit is that one can transform the bike into a scrambler within 30 minutes. All one needs is the basic know-how of the bike, and if that’s not the case, a local mechanic can arrange and assemble the kit without a hiccup.

The best part of the kit? The colour can be to your liking, matching your bike and requires no cutting and welding to the chassis. This, in turn, ensures that the structural rigidity of the stock chassis is not altered in any way.

Don’t have knowledge? No problem, a local mechanic can assemble it for you at the same time.

What’s in the Kit?

A complete package. The Kit comprises of different parts:

  1. An offroad Handlebar
  2. A front Fender and bracket
  3. A scrambler seat
  4. A scrambler subframe
  5. A rear fender
  6. A side-mounted number Plate bracket.

The kit retails for 18,999/- on the website & has been discounted to 13,999/- by Bolt-on Designs but there is an early bird offer with additional discount for followers of Mad About Custom. Check Offer details are at the end of the article.

These kits are available for Royal Enfield Classic 350, Classic 500, Electra, Thunderbird and Standard UCE models.

These parts can either be purchased separately as per liking or in a package all together. The kit can be retrofitted with basic tools and equipment, making sure that there is no compromise in the security and quality anywhere.

The Highlights of the kit:

  • The kit is Do it yourself and can be done by the bike owner.
  • Requires no cutting
  • Requires no welding
  • Requires no Grinding
  • No change in seat height
  • Can revert to the original looks anytime
  • Paint colour match
  • Reduction in overall weight
  • No Alteration to the chassis required
  • 100% Fit Guarantee

Click the below link to place an order & check more details about products,

Scrambler Kit for Classic-350/500: https://bit.ly/BoltOn-Scrambler-Kit-offer-Classic

Scrambler Kit for RE Thunderbird 350/500: https://bit.ly/BoltOn-Scrambler-Kit-offer-RE-Thunderbird

3 Responses

  1. 2 months, still waiting for my complete order. they are not picking up my calls. not responding to any of my messages!! and here they gave the wrong office location address on google, it doesn’t exist when I visited!! (Chennai)
    my Order ID: #495494-0122-001595

    1. Hi Najil K,
      Sorry to hear that but Mad About Custom didn’t represent Bolt-on Design.
      We only publish the story about the product.
      If the order is still pending kindly let us know so that we can necessary step to make aware new customers

      Team Mad About Custom

    2. did you receive your order? how long did it take bro?, I am undergoing the same issue. They are not replying me in whatsapp and i dont have any means to contact them.

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