The Jordanian slayer – Zed a Royal Enfield tracker from the stable of MCBC studios


It becomes a matter of pride when you get an appreciation for your work, and especially when the client is an NRI. Similar was the case with MCBC studios, Gurugram and they recently got the opportunity to create a custom bike for a Jordanian Diplomat and Naveen from their studio making sure that there are no stones left unturned…

Probably India’s first custom motorcycle with a Diplomatic registration for the Jordanian Embassy.

Dressed in irresistible Golden, copper and bronze paint scheme, the bike has undergone a complete metamorphosis. From the stock form, the bike is now a tracker. When Naveen Nair from MCBC studios started working on the bike he commenced by shedding all of the parts and body panels.

The bike was made for a Jordanian diplomat who is himself an avid biker and automobile enthusiast. Dubbed as Zed, is probably India’s first custom motorcycle with a Diplomatic registration for the Jordanian Embassy. The bike’s character was meant to be a carefree and a badass tracker.

When the work started on the motorcycle, it started from the front side of the motorcycle. The frontal side headlamp was totally discarded and a custom made headlight assembly was constructed with the purpose of keeping things minimalistic here. The headlamp has a very retro appeal to it and looks very exquisite. The stock forks are replaced by long-travel suspension with an intention to increase the ground clearance. The bike also receives a small beak below the headlights, instead of a full fender.

The Bike receives a custom made wide handlebars. The knuckle guards have also been tastefully designed and executed in silver-finished grilles on either side.

The Fuel tank is custom hand crafted. The size of the tank also has been boosted considerably, in order to increase the range of the bike. The seat of the bike has been kept narrow in the front, and the width too has been kept really modest, with a finish in tab brown leather. The idea was to allow the bike to explore unventured places with accessibility. Thus, the seat size was kept narrow, so that both legs could be planted on the ground firmly, when tackling difficult terrains.

The quarter panels below the seat have also been custom-crafted, with a specific design to it. These panels hide the battery and the air filter below the seat. When you observe the side profile of the bike, you will also notice that the hind side of the bike has also been raised with a custom-crafted plate, which holds the seat upright in flat form.

The Bike receives a 90mm x 19″ front tire and 120mm x 18″ rear tire for offroading capability. The tail light assembly is also custom made, with minimalistic round brake light.

The paint job had to be rough and eclectic and is heavily inspired by the legendary artist, Jason Pollock, to make the body and parts off-beat and rugged looking. Also, many parts like the knuckle guards, bash plate, and the flat front plate behind the headlight were left in raw metal, with just a minimal clear coat only to keep off the rust. MCBC studio has successfully transformed the bike into something that’s truly magnificent. The Customizer has managed to not only turn it into an aesthetically pleasing mod but also a bike that can venture into the unknown.

See the in depth video of the bike here…

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