An artistic expression – Thunderbird 350 “Moksha” by Wheel Vedas Custom


Motorcycles have been a form of expression. Expression of freedom, expression of passion, expression of individuality and distinctness. Every motorcycle is the same yet different and is the embodiment of the owner’s character. The Moksha 2.0 takes this to the next level with its personification of freedom.

The bike started as a personal project by Jalraj Shetty, Wheel Vedas Customs Mumbai. The bike has been extensively customized to Jalraj’s taste. Donning a new avatar, the bike is now absolutely new.

The bike which previously was a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 has shed each and every part. The bike was stripped down to the frame. Once this was done, each part of the bike was carefully handcrafted with love by Jalraj. Starting from the tank that features a smooth curve which starts from the handlebar and curves down to the rider’s seat. The tank features a custom hand-painted gold, black and silver leafing. 

The parts of the engine have been hand engraved with etching. The engine has been considered as the depiction of hell, with Yakuza elements like demons, Koi Fish, Lotus, the tiger and dragons hand engraved over it. The exhaust pipe emanating from the engine head has carefully been curved down without an exhaust canister, which portrays the tail of the dragon.

The rear frame has been completely chopped off to accommodate a single seat and has been covered in leather and braided to illustrates a snakes scale. The swingarm has been custom made and elongated and is now a Z type. The bike has four horizontal rear suspensions to do the duties.

The conventional front forks of the bike have been completely scrapped and replaced with something rather unique. The bike has a straight Handlebar, with the clutch wiring passing through it. Not one, but three front suspensions mount directly on the handlebar. Since the bike had to make do with the key slot and speedo console, Jalraj has integrated a special twist mechanism starter assembly on the tank.

The bike truly unlike anything. Jalraj has managed to truly take a path that was unventured and thus, the end result is absolutely stunning, making it nothing short of a unique piece of creativity.

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