Audacious Streetfighter – Duke 390 by TNT customs


Having ridden the Duke 390 quite a couple of times before, we all know its capable of turning a sane rider into a hooligan. The name of the bike itself evokes a feeling of speed, rush, power, making it a perfect pocket rocket and priced perfectly in reach for the common man. This made the bike an instant hit and thus sold in numbers worldwide. Though the duke was always quite a looker, although, on the raw side, it was either a hit or a miss. Well, to each his own.

The folks at TNT customs, did something radical to the Duke. They took on the project to not just the visual appeal, but also the entire character of the bike. When the work on the bike began, they had envisioned a burly, intimidating street fighter, and TNT has achieved it perfectly.

The work started by stripping the bike down of all its body parts, starting from the headlight and sculpting the parts again from scratch. The newly replaced headlight is round and has a micro visor on top of it. The bike now sports a new, specially designed, but hand made tank, which sports a custom design. Although the chassis has been kept stock and exposed, the rear body panels have been removed and replaced with a custom made seat, which follows a very linear pattern. The rear seat is covered by a custom made seat cowl. The upswept rear seat, now tapers towards the end, finishing in a very clean look. The exhaust has been replaced with a single canister SC project tip (this must be one loud bike).

The bike has been finished with a special matte silver paint, with orange stripes to maintain the flare of KTM.

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