Born Free – The Bare Bone Chopper build by TNT Motorcycles & paint job by Eimor Customs


TNT Motorcycles from Delhi has created a stunning custom chopper for us today. We’ve seen the same customizer’s aggressive custom KTM Duke 390 before, and now they’ve teamed up with the well-known Eimor Customs to craft this masterpiece.

The Born-Free built is an Old School chopper based on our beloved Royal Enfield 350, and the basic moto of this custom bike is to stand out from the crowd, and it does so without a doubt. The complete motorcycle has been hand-crafted by TNT Motorcycles, and Eimor Customs added their best-in-class paintwork to make it much more appealing.

Without a doubt, the custom-built is amazing, but what are its specifications or what modifications have been made to make it so? Here are all of the major modifications that have been meant to make it stand out from the crowd.

As previously stated, the Born-Free is a hand-crafted motorcycle that rides on a TNT in-house original hard-tail chassis that has been used in many other custom projects, as well as their original front-end vintage girder and a 21-inch front wheel that gives this chopper a new old-school look. The handlebars are vintage High-rise, and the front saddle is equipped with a shock-absorber to tackle our well-known Indian terrains.

When it comes to the aesthetics of the Born-Free, Eimor Customs designed and painted them. We previously saw the same magician’s Tribute to Leh custom paintwork, which was stunning.

The paint scheme is a distress mud hue with rust-red pin striping and minor touches that bring out the old-school personality of this chopper, and Eimor Customs has done a fantastic job with it. The paint-Maestros Eimor Customs hand-painted the petrol tank, fenders, electric box, and chain guard. Along with the eye-catching color scheme, the bike’s name is displayed on the tank, and TNT Motorcycles badging is displayed on the fuel cap.

Comment and let us know what you feel about bare bone motorcycle by TNT Motorcycles & don’t forget to appreciate the paint job done by Emior Customs.

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