The Hellion – A Continental 650 turned into a Brat by Motorheads Customs.


Since the launch of the interceptor and the continental 650, the sales have gained quite a momentum. It’s not just because the siblings have a big engine, but its unlike any Royal Enfields produced before. They’re not only fast, but also very refined, smooth and devoid of any vibes that RE produce. The best part about these twins, is that these, can be used as canvas for customisation.

When Motorhead customs, Jharkhand set out to customise a bike for one of their client, the donor bike was a continental 650. The client wanted a Brat style bike, which would announce its presence. A bike which could unleash hell if needed, and they managed to pan out exactly what their client wanted.

The bike was redone In the signature, Dr. Mayhem pattern with Black in Matte and Grey in Gloss color. The rear end was custom made into Brat style. The brake-indicator is nothing but a small led strip integrated in the chassis lining with integrated turn signals. Not to forget, the tyre hugger for the rainy seasons which has been made custom made by Motorhead customs.

The seat is custom made in a Classy Tan cushion stripped Seat on top. The front end of the bike has been kept stock, except the 17″ Custom-made spoke wheels for height reduction and better handling.

The highlight of the bike is Custom-made Shorty exhausts with DB killer(As per client requirement). These cans are pretty loud, not miserably, but gracefully. The exhaust has a certain note, which hits the right chord, not to loud and not too harsh. 

All the chrome parts have been blacked out, in Gloss Black with nickel detailing. The engine especially, amazing with the black gloss coating, and has added to the sex appeal of the bike. All in all, motorhead customs has managed to make a perfect brat bike, which likes to grab attention and makes a daunting announcement of its arrival, without intimidating the rider itself.

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