Royal Enfield 500 turned into a lethal-looking cafe racer by Neev motorcycles



The Royal Enfield Classic 500 is always been India’s one of the favourite bikes from the Royal Enfield line-up and we bring you a highly customized Royal Enfield 500 which turned into a cafe racer named ‘KA’ by a customizer based in Delhi known as Neev Motorcycles.

The Design & Process:

The Neev Motorcycles claims they have hand-built ‘KA’ and it is reflected from the fit and finish done on the bike. This custom cafe racer offers extensive changes to its design. In the front, a new head-light has been installed with a chrome-plated rim. The front fender has been switched with a smaller and compact unit and a pair of after-market forks have been installed in front.

The fuel tank is custom built with a dope-looking paint job consisting of pink and black colors separated by a golden stripe. It also gets ‘KA’ craved on both sides of the fuel tank with a black fuel lid. It gets a custom single seat followed by a tiny rear seat cowl which makes the bike look sportier.

The riding ergonomics has been updated according to a cafe racer including a stock handlebar replaced with a clip-on, The console, traditional instrument cluster is replaced with a single digital unit, sleek-looking after-market turn indicator has been installed. The footpegs are set at the rear for a more committed riding position.

In the rear, the bike frame is shortened at the tail end and a custom LED tail lamp has been installed. We can see an after-market sleek-looking side-mounted exhaust that goes with the bike’s design. The bike also gets pair of ballon-tires with blacked-out wire-spoked rims. The rear number plate holder has been installed on the right swingarm.

One of the interesting bits from the ‘KA’ design is, Neev Motorcycle has removed the side panels from the bike which makes the after-market air filter visible also creates a see-through look from the bike, and makes the design or bike more breathable.

The Verdict:

Royal Enfield Classic 500 has been transformed into a wicked, brutal-looking cafe racer by Neev Motorcycles, who has given it a hand-built elegant feel with excellent fit and finish to every element that has been replaced, as well as a lethal-looking two-toned paint scheme. In the cafe racer sector, ‘KA’ will undoubtedly stand out and be one of a kind

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