A classic cruiser the MW500 from the house of Eimor Customs



Cruisers have been an essential part of the motorcycling community since its inception. Whenever anyone mentions cruisers there is a picture painted in your subconscious mind of a long freeway, with sunset on the horizon and a bike cruising in triple digits endlessly. And this is what exactly the cruisers do, they take you from one place to another in style and comfort.

Eimor customs, (Hyderabad) got the opportunity of customizing one such cruiser for their client. Since the initiation of the design, the team had planned to have the client on board during the design.

The Process:

With several reference photos of international builds, shared by their client, it was clear that he wanted a modern, contemporary, and radical design for the cruiser. The team decided to introduce European style design while keeping in mind the practical aspects with reference to the Indian road conditions. If the bike was to ply on Indian roads, it had to tick various checkboxes like ground clearance, ergonomics, etc. And so, the bike was conceptualized.

The bike was a 5-year-old beat Royal Enfield Desert Storm 500cc. By the looks of it, the bike seemed nonfunctional for quite some time. To begin with not only were the looks to be modified but also it was the utmost priority to get the bike up and running to the optimum condition.

The build started from taking the entire bike apart, and inspecting which parts needed surgery, and which were to be replaced. The Engine had to be opened and rebored, and for this, the entire head assembly had to be removed and rebuilt. The fuel lines had turned faulty over time and needed to be worked upon. Once the engine was done, it was time for the gearbox. Taken off and apart, the gearbox underwent an entire rebuild to be up and running again.

The Design:

To give it the cruiser stance, the bike was raised from the front site. The design approach is very straightforward, a teardrop-shaped tank was envisioned and executed, which sloped downwards towards the seat. The flow of design has been kept impeccable and beautiful. The front side receives a round LED headlight. The front mudguard is custom made and small. 

Also, the bike receives wide Handlebars swooping outwards, with all the necessary switchgear in place. A digital instrument cluster was integrated, in order to keep the design modern and cutting edge. The tires have been resized and the wheels changed to 18″ front and 15″ rear using bobber tires for more appeal.

The footpegs have been custom handcrafted with knurled finish to add to the sex appeal of the bike, and have been relocated and made forward biased, in order to have comfortable riding position complementing the handlebars. The bike receives the signature Eimor custom paint job as well with a perfect gloss finish.

The Verdict:

Christened as the MW500, the bike is a perfect example of the form with function. When it comes to design, it is not easy to match practicality and aesthetics together, and Eimor has managed to do it perfectly in this build. The bike stands out especially due to the signature paint scheme.

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