Tribute to LEH – Retro styled Royal Enfield Electra restored By Eimor Customs


As we have seen in our past articles Royal Enfields are one of the most customized and loved bikes in India, Today we have a 2008 Electra turned into a retro-looking bike by Eimor Customs Hyderabad, The modified Electra is termed as ‘Tribute to Leh’ which is hand-painted and having a very detailed design as per the client’s need.

The Eimor Customs says this project was done for an ex-Air Force Fighter Pilot, The client had experience of more than two decades in the Air Force and wanted to make his motorcycle memorabilia for his years spent in service. The ‘Tribute To Leh’ design will remind you of old-school Royal Enfield which was used in the Military.

There are various modifications done on the bike to achieve the old-school look. Starting with the very detailed sleek-looking paint job, the whole bike is been painted in black color including the handlebars, rims, engine, silencer, forks all are painted in black to maintain the uniform look.

Starting with the small details on the bike there are multiple badges on the bike which are familiar with the badges present on the fighter jet, On one of the side panels, there is a badge saying ‘We Do the Difficult as a Routine Impossible May take a bit Longer‘ and another side panel with a nice drawing of Cheetah helicopter.

Side Panel with Cheetah helicopter drawing
Air Box cover with Badge
Side Panel with Cheetah helicopter drawing
Tank with Emblem

The stock seat on the bike is replaced with a single saddle seat. The Eimor Customs has also done some jaw-dropping fabrication work they have replaced the swingarm which has resulted in increasing the wheelbase. A larger section tyre has been added front gets 110/70-19 inch while the rear gets 130/70-18 inch tyre, To accommodate these tyre front and rear fenders were fabricated.

To justify the Old-School look they’ve replaced stock headlight assembly with a 52 model headlight and a stock speedometer with Simth’s speedometer console. Stock speedometer with Simth’s speedometer console

 Stock speedometer with Simth's speedometer console
Custom Paint Helmet resembles a fighter jet pilot’s helmet

This custom-built helmet is like the cherry on top; the helmet resembles a fighter jet pilot’s helmet with all of the texture and badges; it certainly lends a new feel to it. It also has the owner’s name badge on it, as well as a highly detailed paint job.

Finally, the bike looks to be one of a kind, and it will undoubtedly recall the owner of his service in the Air Force. Eimor Custom’s craftsmanship and details are unquestionably among the best, and the clean and thorough paint job further adds to its appeal.

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