Accessories For The Kawasaki Vulcan 650 S You Should Try Today


Kawasaki has enjoyed success since the introduction of the Ninja 650 back in 2012. It was the only bike in their stable. Backing it up was the well established and proven bulletproof engine of the 650 platforms. Over the years Kawasaki has launched and a fleet of bikes in their portfolio. Ranging from the Kawasaki Ninja 650, the Versys 650, the Ninja 1000, not to mention all the updated iterations of the Zx-10r.

The only bike that was missing from the portfolio was Kawasaki’s cruiser, the Vulcan 650, which was launched recently. Since the launch, the bike is seeing quite an overwhelming response from the audiences. It has proved to be a beautiful base for the cruiser lovers in India.

Mad About Custom presents all-new accessories for the Vulcan 650 made by Dochaki Designs. Check them out below



If pillion comfort is a main concern for you, the backrest is a perfect addition. Composed of steel plates on either side, fitted with a cushioned backrest, this accessory is a must-have on your bike. The backrest adds much-required support to your pillions back, as a result reducing fatigue on longer journeys.

Crash Guard :- 

If there is one thing that you need to be sure of on a big bike it is the safety of yourself and the motorcycle. As the name suggests the crash Guards exactly serve the purpose. Made out of strong steel, coloured in black, they act as a perfect addition to the bike and are aesthetically pleasing as well.

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Windshield :

If you are a person who loves long or fast rides, the windscreen is an add on which is the most beautiful addition to the bike. Mounted on strong steel brackets, the clear windscreen not only adds to the appeal of the bike but also protects the rider from severe wind blast and buffeting during triple-digit riding.

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Radiator Grill : 

Riding a big bike in India is a difficult task for the rider and also the bike especially during the monsoons. Considering the various elements like dirt, pebbles, and stones, that our roads have to offer, protecting the radiator becomes crucial. The radiator guard protects the radiator from the unwanted elements that are being pelted from the front tire, without compromising on the wind flow, as result keeping the radiator safe.

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If you are a person who hauls luggage on the bike while commuting or touring, this product is surely for you. Made out of strong steel, painted in black, the carrier is perfect for mounting your luggage bags with bungee cords. What’s more perfect is that the design blends in with the bike.

Carrier for mounting

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Constructed in steel, and painted in black, the system is very easy to fix and is very rigid. The carrier system is perfect for mounting the top case on the bike, making it easy to carry luggage on long journeys.

Floor Boards :

On a cruiser, floorboards are the must-have accessories. Made out of premium quality steel and rubber, the boards provide support for the long highway rides.

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  1. Hello I am from India. I am interested in most of the accessories of vulkan s but can you help me with front and rear forks or something which can increase ground clearance to atleast 4 to 5 cm or more, it would be of great help for me to decide purchasing the bike. Please i really hope you can help me with this….

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