Must-Have Accessories and Parts for the Honda Highness CB 350


When you hear the word Hond, the first thing that strikes your mind is “reliability”, “Easy to maintain” and cost-effective bikes. To back it up, Honda has a wide network of proven Service centers. The company just doesn’t produce good machines, they strike a chord with the Indian consumers. Over the years, Honda has launched a variety of machines, ranging from scooters, commute bikes to the well celebrated Fireblades and CB650R.

Honda Highness Cb 350

Recently Honda has come out with the Honda Highness CB 350, which is their thumpers in direct competition to the Royal Enfield Classic 350. Since the launch, the company has seen a very formidable response to their machine.

Mad About Custom is happy to present all-new accessories for the Honda Highness Cb 350 made by Dochaki Designs. Check them out below

1. Backrest:

If pillion comfort is a main concern for you, the backrest is a perfect addition. Composed of steel plates on either side, fitted with a cushioned backrest, this accessory is a must-have on your bike. The backrest adds much-required support to your pillions back, as a result reducing fatigue on longer journeys.

2. Crash Guard

If there is one thing that you need to be sure of on a big bike it is the safety of yourself and the motorcycle. As the name suggests the crash Guards exactly serve the purpose. Made out of strong steel, coloured in black, they act as a perfect addition to the bike and are aesthetically pleasing as well.

While designing, the teams at Dochaki have made sure that these additions not only serve a purpose but look aesthetically pleasing as well.

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