The phoenix, reborn – Yezdi Reboot by Dirt Machine customs


There are bikes, then there are legendary bikes. Some bikes are launched into the market, with a plain simple utilitarian purpose, and then some bikes are launched into the market and leave a mark. Similar was the case with Yezdi during the era of the 1970’s all the way until the 1990s. When launched, the 250 was an instant hit. The sweet-looking dual canister exhaust, the 2 strokes smooth delivery of power and the tall stance of the bike had a different appeal to it.

When Dirt Machine (Indore), started working on this project, they knew this was more than a restoration job. To define it properly, it was a restomod job… They knew they had to breathe not just life into the bike, but also enhance its character. Thus the work began on the bike.

The bike sticks to the formula of “don’t replace what’s not broken”. The bike retains most of its looks, barring a few visual and mechanical changes. The paint scheme has been changed to a very sweet matte silver and black combination.

The spoked rims have been discarded along with the old bulky drum brakes and have been replaced with the alloy wheel types with disc brakes to do the stopping. The front forks are now USD type instead of the conventional telescopic ones. The side quarter panels have been replaced with shorter ones to have a more minimalistic look. Also when one looks at the bike carefully, gone is the bulky rear mudguard and the length of the swing arm appears to be elongated. Every part appears to be stripped and either upgraded to enhance the look or refurbished to match the new theme. The Yezdi now looks like a modern incarnation of the retro roadster.

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