Yamaha Rx135 Scrambler – The wanderer in the true sense…


Ladies and gentlemen, in today’s article we are presenting to you, a different kind of customization done by Mr. Jagadish from Bangalore (Also known as Jack), a hobbyist turned customizer. Particular customization, which he holds very close to his heart.

Jack was very much into modifications and customization of motorcycles. It initially started out as a hobby. He used to work on his own and a friend’s bike for a lot of customizations. His journey with the bike began back in 2005 when his first bike was stolen.

The base bike is a Yamaha RX 135 4 Speed, later converted to 5 speed. His idea of the entire transformation was a scrambler. The bike, now named Wanderer, is an explorer in its truest sense. Since the project commenced, Jack has worked extensively on the upgrades.

As we know that suspension is the main component of any scrambled, considering the terrain it has to tackle, the bike now features upgraded forks in the front. The stock ones have been replaced with the ones from FZ with increased suspension travel. The rear suspensions too have been given an overhaul to have increased travel. To suit this change, the rear swingarm was replaced with the ones from the pulsar 220. To add to the ground clearance and suit the need, even both the wheels have been swapped from stock to 18” dia. This allows the bike to navigate tough terrains 

The chassis more or less has been intact, only the rear part of the frame has been modified to add the touch of a scrambler. The tank is now a Yezdi Class 2 tank, which curves and its shape complement the shape of the seat. Jack has also managed to integrate a compass on to the tank, especially for the days when he goes on trail runs. The seat too is custom hand made, with leather. The handlebar is not a flat one, with custom hand guards, which were made by Jacks father…

Jack has seen a lot of twists and turns since he undertook the task of transformation of the bike. Since the inception of the project, Jack has worked twice on the paint job, and twice on the exhaust to suit his need. The wiring harness has been worked extensively upon, that too thrice. During the paint job, he even had the bike parked inside his bedroom for almost 8 months!!!, since the painter was absconding with the fenders and the body parts.!! One can only imagine the frustration he has gone through during this time…

The wanderer (as Jack calls her) has been through a lot of tough terrains and patches throughout her life. The transformation one can see has been simply breathtaking, from what she was and what she is today. This journey has been the key point of Jack’s life, and from the past one year he made customization his profession. he quit his daily job at an MNC and took the leap of faith to start following his passion. Thus Passion for bikes Customs (PFB) was born in 2015.

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