Project 333 a one of a kind BMW R9T scrambler from Dubai


It is a very uncommon sight for us to see any BMW motorcycle in India, let alone customizing it. It is due to the cost of ownership and the cost of the motorcycle in itself that these bikes are a rare sight. Hence today we have a bike all the way from Dubai, by Vishesh Tandon. (Earlier project)

Vishesh had a rather different vision when it came to his bike after a year of riding the bike.

He entered this project with a very clear vision. He wanted a cruiser handlebar. The idea was not only to make the bike one of a kind but also to make the ride more comfortable. This was a pretty uncommon sight on the BMW R9T.

It took a lot of imagination even after about a year of riding the bike. Vishesh started out by making sketches on paper and putting the ideas together. His idea was to go for a retro-modern blend of the bike. As mentioned earlier the idea was to have a better ride, better throttle control, reduce the weight, and make sure it was a head turner, also not to mention reinventing the logo.

To alter this many components on a rare bike might be somewhat debatable. But many people find it intriguing to see something so out of the ordinary. However, everyone who has seen and ridden Project 333, believes that it is essentially a superior ride in every respect.

When Vishesh started the build in hand, he first took off all the parts at once to begin the edit on the bike. The idea behind this was to change the color theme of the bike as well. The stock scrambler handlebar was replaced with a custom TRW custom mini-ape handlebar. This raised the handlebar quite a bit to a comfortable level. The stock mirrors have been removed as a result and replaced with bar end mirrors which look very sharp. The front headlight receives a protection grille as well.

The bike also receives an all-black treatment, which contrasts the front forks that have received a golden color.

Another significant change in the bike is that the rear portion of the bike has been chopped off, and it is now a single-seater. The seat is also a carefully handcrafted one with a diamond stitch all over. This exposes the tire and the other elements at the back and makes it look very beautiful. To add to this beauty, the rear registration plate also has been fixed below the seat in a way that it is visible as well as appeals aesthetically. The turn signals and brake lights have also been carefully integrated into the lower side of the seat.

When customizing, Vishesh didn’t stop there, he gave the engine the same black treatment which blends in beautifully with the bike. The same theme has been carried out on the one-of-a-kind SC-Project 2 exhaust which is 2 in 2 which are now without a catcon. It is not only the externals that have received a change, it’s the internals as well. The stock filter was replaced with a SPRINT race air filter and to match the increased airflow the ECU has received a custom flash.

Please do let us know in the Comment section what you feel about this mod by Vishesh.

Mods List:

  1. One-of-a-kind blackout SC PROJECT 2 in 2 exhaust
  2. KELLERMAN dual purpose indicators
  3. SPRINT Race Air Filters
  4. REMUS Flap Remover and 2 in 1 Header (No CAT)
  5. PUIG High-Tech Mirrors
  6. TAPPEZZERIA custom leather diamond stitch cover
  7. HEPCO & BECKER Crash Bars
  8. Custom TRW Mini Ape Bars
  9. ECU Flash

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