A Minimalist Decal Kit for Honda Africa Twin – The AK-47


If you want to make your ride stand out from the rest without receiving a proper paint job or making major physical changes, a fantastic decal set is a solution to go. AJCustoms, a Pune-based decal designer with some outstanding designs, currently provides decal sets for nearly every major brand bike on the market.

Recently, AJCustoms designed a custom decal set for Siddhant Karnick, a well-known film, and television actor, for his beloved Honda Africa Twin or AK47, which pops out and delivers the adventure-hungry bike a new stunning look.

The complete one-color decal kit looks great on this big and sleek adventure bike, especially with the simple graphics. The light olive green tone of the wrap makes the bike look like it will blend in with the trails it’s been exploring.

Although it is up to the individual’s personal taste on how funky or subtle they want their bike designed to be, we believe this simple and bold aesthetic would please the majority. In the market, we have seen many decals or wrap kits that come with overdone graphics or colors that don’t truly complement the spirit of the bike.

You’re probably thinking that this kit is a custom unit, which explains why it has such a high level of finish and quality. Let us correct you because AJCustoms handcrafts each kit with meticulous attention to detail. Another major concern with wraps is that they tear quickly. Experts have you covered on this as well; they use a protective film that not only makes your wrap last longer but is also easy to apply, non-scratch, UV resistant, and can protect all areas that are subjected to high stress, etc. It is also simple to replace when necessary.

If you are planning to get a custom design done the AJCustoms got your back there too, let us know what are your thoughts on this decal kit.

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