An irresistible Helmet stand from Jerus Motorcycles.


“Necessity is the mother of invention”, an old saying, actions that men took originated from a single factor. A factor that there is ‘need’ and in order for the need to be met, certain ‘actions’ called for creativity and functionality. 

The heart of the design, a organic wooden block

An initial search on Google of “Helmet Stand” will lead you to eBay, Alibaba, and even Etsy.  However it did not have that Desi feeling, it all felt rather too clean, nothing to really remind you of our roads

Jerus Motorcycles decided to build its own. And after the initial experiments, setbacks in time and energy. We were able to build something that was artistically pleasing and functionally strong, as you can see in the picture below.

How its made

We were able to source locally matured hardwood from the forests of Auroville, south India.  The frames were turned in house with stainless steel, the woodworking is also done in house.  The design was left to be organic, not to imitate any existing design or sellers that are available. 

The swag quotient

Each piece is handpicked and is organically shaped. The idea to generate a sense of uniqueness, a sense of exclusivity with every piece.  The clamps are heavy-duty, which will take quite the load of a helmet and a heavy jacket. 

Testing the strengths practically, and literally! Now your mom will definately want one.

Remember, when you buy handcrafted products, you pay for art, man-hours, and craftsmanship. 

Now you can buy this “The Crusader-Helmet Lounge” from our store.

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