Ducati 1098 Cafe Racer – The Brute Beast by Buraq Motorcycles, Hyderabad


Buraq motorcycles, Hyderabad is well known for their astounding builds and have been in the custom scenario for quite some time. They have been churning out a variety of builds year on year and have been well applauded for builds like their RD350 Cafe racer, interceptor Cafe racer, and the stunning Benelli TNT 600i turned into a cafe racer

But when you think about a Ducati, one can picture a striking red, mesmerizing Italian beast. Ducatis have been known globally for their brute nature of power delivery, sharp handling, and phenomenal rush that they make you experience when you ride them. And its exactly this feeling which enthralled Buraq motorcycles, Hyderabad, when they decided to bring the legendary Ducati 1098 into their chop shop for modifications.

When the work started on this project, the team knew this build had to be phenomenal, and they started by taking down all the fairings on the bike including the headlights. Once the bike was completely naked and the frame was exposed, they began by chopping the rear part of the frame. Thus, the bike does not have any pillion seat. Once the desired length was achieved, the seat was custom made and the length was reduced. The under-seat exhausts have been retained.

They commenced the design of the partial fairings on the lower part of the bike. The templates were hand-designed on the bike and cut. Only then they were executed and fixed to the bike. The belly fairings have been executed to perfection, and the color has been matched to the existing one on the bike.

The frontal part of the bike has received a pair of offset Yellow high powered LED lights instead of the stock. Since the stock fairings have been discarded, the bike has been fixed with compact bar end mirrors, to add to the cafe racer look.

Buraq motorcycles have taken the Ducati to the next level. They have managed to multiply the desirability quotient of the motorcycle by leaps and bounds.

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