Supermodel Beast – VII RD 350 cafe racer by Moto Exotica


  The world of custom biking has come a long way since its inception. We can now see that there are a lot of customizers around our country who do spectacular work. It is becoming increasingly difficult to select amongst the options that we have and pan out their description in words. As we go through these feelings of anguish and confusion, along comes a superb mod, which is probably one of the best you might have ever seen, and that makes you question, how high is the bar gonna be set? To which you never have an answer, because creativity has no limits… Right?

 One such mod is the VII a Yamaha RD 350, done by Moto Exotica from Dehradun. Dressed in seductive black and accents of Gold yellow, the Bike now dons an avatar of a modern cafe racer. One may know the RD 350 from the yesteryears. It was a masculine, super-powered crotch rocket. Now take this feeling and add a feeling of invincibility. And that’s exactly how good the folks at Moto Exotica have managed to make the bike.!

If one talks about the mods list, it is extensive and exhaustive! Moto Exotica had decided to give the bike a massive overhaul. In order to do that, all the body panels and parts were shed off. The chassis more or less has been retained, but what has changed is almost all of the remaining parts except for the engine.

 If one looks at the bike from a side profile, the bike carries the quintessential straight line on the chassis that generally is taken for the cafe racers. The frame of the bike is now exposed, colored in black and there is only one body panel, shaped in a triangle with openings, which blends in with the entire design in a way that no one may even notice it. The tank is now custom-designed followed by a thin and pretty flat seat. The rear of the seat is covered by a cowl.

The rear swingarm is totally new. The bike now sports a single unit suspension in the rear as against the dual conventional setup with spoked wheels on either side of the bike. The dual exhaust setup now is custom made, with two canisters on either side.

The highlight of the bike is the entire front assembly. The suspensions are now USD as against the telescopic ones as found on the stock bike. The handlebar is replaced with a drop-down style clip on. The front headlamp assembly also has been changed to a custom one, which now has DRL’s with a projector in them. Heck even the speedometer has been replaced with a digital, which fits and blends perfectly with the theme of the bike.

The bike is a complete package and has been thoroughly thought through. Moto Exotica has managed to keep no stones un-turned in this transformation….

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