Fresh & Bright

Suzuki V-Strom SX 250

Adventure Touring Motorbike

A smaller version of its famous V-Strom 1050.. The adventure-touring motorbike design. The elevated posture gives it the perfect ADV-tourer style..

Color Scheme

The vivid orange and yellow color scheme, are sure to turn heads on the road.

The V-Strom’s head has a sleek single-piece LED headlamp set, which is already seen on the Gixxer 250.

A non-adjustable windscreen and knuckle guards, giving it an ADV-style front profile.

The V-Strom’s cockpit includes the same LCD instrument cluster as the Gixxer 250.

It also has a huge ground clearance of 205 mm, which is suitable for handling rough terrain

According to the specifications sheet and design we’ve seen so far, the V-Strom can handle some rough terrain but not severe off-roading. 

it’ll be a comfy tourer and also a nice daily commute bike & loved to go on for your weekend trip.

The Master of Adventure